abr jungle

Cloud Forest, 35 km northeast Semnan, 50 km north Shahrood, on the Shahrood to AzadShahr road, in Golestan province is beautiful forest with nice weather and located in Abr village. The most famous tree in this forest with 35000 hectare area is Greek Juniper, the tree with long roots crawling on the ground. There are three reasons indicating this forest importance: first, it is a part of Hyrcania ancient forests with medicinal plants; second, this region’s ecotone – transition area between two biomes: here, semi-desert and forest so in this forest, broadleaves is seen next conifers and influenced animal species, third, because of special geographical conditions of the region, low-lying area next to highlands, we can see the formation of cloud ocean in this region, a rare and extraordinary phenomenon in the world.