Amir Chakhmaq complex with the fountain and the square. The three-story building is a tekyeh, a place where shia muslims gather to mourn the killing of Husayn bin Ali. The wooden construction on the right is also related to this, although I still haven't found out what it is and what it is called. There are several tekyehs in different places in Yazd.

Mir Chakhmagh (Amir Chakhmagh) Square, 9 century AH is a memorial of Amir Chakhmagh’s reign. Jalal-e-Din Amir Chakhmagh has built several constructions in Yazd province and Chakhmagh Masjid is most famous. This square has built north of that mosque and as a center of city remained. In Safavi era, was known as a same name. In the east side, there is a bazar, namely, Hadji Ghanbar; one of Nezam-o-Din Hadji Ghanbar buildings who Jahan shah Ghare-Gholoyonlu appointed him as Yazd ruler. Yazd has several buildings built by him. Afterward, long and beautiful construction, as a same tekye (i.e. religious monuments in iran) style, has been built on bazar façade. This massive building is one of Yazd symbols; Mir Chakhmagh referred to this building though it is not.