dohezar jungle

Do-hezar is a name for tourist area, khoram-abad district, Tonekabon in Mazandaran, north of iran. The earnings of Do-hezar region’s rural is supplying from agricultural, gardening activities and husbandry. This region gardening and agricultural crops are wheat, apple, walnut and hazelnut and oxtongue growing in farms. The main activity in this region is husbandry, meat and dairies are animal products in Do-hezar’s villages. Dense forests with various trees such as beech, ash, plane tree and boxwood in spring, summer and autumn, entirely, cover with cheerful, rich and joyful colors and has charming and magical perspective. For visiting these forests, we are suggesting necessities such as local leader first aid box, appropriate shoes and cloth and foods with long-term preservation, compass and GPS and camera.