qeshm island

Qeshm Island Geopark with area over than 30000 hectare located in the west part of Qeshm Island. In 2006, this park as a first and mere Middle East geopark, was registered in global geoparks network, UNESCO. Qeshm Island Geopark located on beautiful shores of the Persian Gulf and next to the grey mangrove forests, therefore, has several prominent geological phenomenon and turned to Iran’s geological park. Natural Sculpture, sporadic reliefs, geological folds and amazing mountains, flat surfaces and  plates on highlands and the columns made by erosion have own attraction and beauty. It has several sites: Bame Qeshm, Tangeye Chah kooh, Dareye Tandisha, Dareye Setareye Oftade, Kase Salakh, Dare Shour, Dulab, Namakdan, Koorkoorakooh and Tang e Aali.