Maranjab Desert

Maranjub desert, northeast Aran-Bidgul, Isfahan province, average height nearly 850m from the high seas, has rich vegetation and covered with sandy hills and sabulous. Halophytes like tamarisk, saxaul and zygophyllum shrubs has formed its vegetation and because of water and abundant food has various animal species including wolf, jackal, hyaena, rueppell’s fox, sand cat, monitor lizard, chameleon, various lizards, snake, scorpion, see-see partridge, eagle and falcon. Maranjub with its height sand hills, saxaul forests is one of most beautiful deserts in Iran; Aran-Bidgul’s Namak Lake and Sargardan Island are another places should be visited. Historical dastkan (digging by hand) well, in eastern part, had been caravan camels’ trough.