Marmishloo Lake

Marmisho Lake, 45km Urmia, in targavar region with so beautiful and impressive landscape is one of best places for rest and relax.While Nazlou Chay river flows into Marmisho Lake but landslide has formed this beautiful lake; earthquake has moved some parts of mountain and created natural barrier and finally shaped current lake. Diverse trees like oak, turpentine tree, pear, almond, hawthorn, jujube, tamarisk, spruce and other various shrubs surrounding this lake and plants such as rhubarb, spear thistle, alhagi (camelthorn), nettle, lily, tulipa montana, licorice, poppy, chive, yarrow, chicory, thyme can be found. Animal species like partridge, rabbit, bear, wild boar, and even wolf spreads in this region.