Travel Photography of Mother Statue, Mellat Park,Tehran, Iran by Hamid Pambarnia

Mellat garden, previously known as Shahanshahi Bostan, with 34 hectare is one of large parks in Tehran which had been designed by an English man named Posen. Mother and Amir Kabir statues has been exhibited in northern park. Vegetation mostly includes trees like cedars, spruce, plane trees, elm, acacia, weeping willow, various cedar trees, poplar, ash, guelder rose, yucca, Judas tree, laurel, wild privet, boxwood and seasonal seedlings. In this park can be found about 120 species of various trees, shrubs and fruit trees including apple, apricot, peach, berry, quince, banana, persimmon and fig. On west side of the park there is a small zoo keeping birds like peacock, finch, lovebird, parrot and animals like ostrich and monkey.