saadabad palace

Sa’dabad Complex, on Tuchal foothills and flourishing Darband valley, with 1100000 m2 square, is limited from north by Alborz Mountains, from east by Golabdare, from west by Velenjak and from south by Tajrish. In Qajar era, it was Qajar ruler’s summer residence. After 1299 AH Coup in newly extent and incorporation various different gardens, designated to Reza Khan summer residence; many palaces and summerhouses for varied necessities and ceremonies was built between cedars, poplars and old trees, near remaining Qajar buildings and finally has remained  ۱۴ large and small palaces, each has own architectural styles and methods. In Pahlavi era throughout the sa’dabad garden was irrigated by Darband River; Reza Shah bought its water and designated for this garden irrigation but Second Pahlavi denoted 12 hours of this water to peasantry.