Shams-ol-Emareh was one of the highest, so prominent and interesting buildings in Old Tehran. Apparently, Naser al-Din Shah, before his European trips, saw West Country buildings and skyscrapers pictures and desired to build high-rise building like Farangies (west countries in Qajar Persian language) models in Mamaleke Mahrooseye Iran (persevered states of Iran); Watching Tehran with his wives was his reason for this construction. King, about 1282 AH, had talked Dust Ali Khan Nezam-o-Dule Moayer-ol-Mamalek about his intention and commissioned him for constructing such building on eastern side of Royal Citadel. Because of its plan, façade and decorations, Shams-ol-Emareh is one of beautiful and interesting historical buildings in Tehran and its mirror artworks, paintings and stuccos on walls and ceilings and plinth presenting various decorating style and ornaments that made it unique.