Tehran bazar complex, south side of 15 Khordad Street, lead to Molavi, Khayam and 17 Shahrivar Streets, located in the old and historical district and still is the most important market and business center, as has been ever, in the city. Tehran Bazar, like other historical buildings near it like Imam Mosque, Jama Masjid are historical and cultural complexes in the city. According to available evidences and documents, the original building related to Shah Tahmasb Safavi and has built simultaneously with Tehran fort and entrance in 930-948 AH. Now, old and interesting parts are bazar portal on Sabze Meydan side, Amir Bazar, Great Char Suq, Hajib-o-Dole Timche, Ala-o-Dole Timche, Gheisarieh Timche and Mahdie Timche and the other parts which connected to Imam Mosque, Jama Masjid and the other historical Buildings. Original Sabze Meydan structure, on northern side of Bazar complex has been related to early Safavid era.